The one situation where etiquette does not matter

question: Is it bad etiquette to pawn bridal shower gifts?

my honest answer: Yes, it probably is bad ettiquette. But if you’re in such a desperate place you are considering pawning your possessions, it’s worse ettiquette for someone to chastise you for it.

Please reach out to someone. You know those people who bought you mixing bowls and a fancy apron? If they knew you were hurting this much, they’d buy your groceries this week too. These people came to your shower because they love you. Please don’t suffer alone. Ask for help.

(One caveat which I’m sure doesn’t apply but I had to mention it: If you are in this mess because you are hosting a wedding that is costing more than you can afford 1) scale back, scale back, scale back, and 2) the above doesn’t apply. It’s one thing to be suffering through the economy and life just throwing you a curve-ball. Spending beyond your means to host an elaborate wedding does not qualify for the ‘it takes a village’ mentality, I’m afraid.)

2 Responses to 'The one situation where etiquette does not matter'

  1. Here’s my take on this, which may strike some as odd. Pawning the bridal gifts? Is like going to the porno shop. If the person you gave you the gift sees it in the pawn shop–well, what the hell were THEY doing there? So they will probably never mention it to you.

    • my honest answer says:

      Ha ha, that’s so true! And they wouldn’t know for sure that it was their gift would they? I mean, you wouldn’t pawn a personalized robe, would you, it has to be generic household stuff.

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