A lesson in perspective

Question: I’m getting married this summer. Should I have a spray tan or using a tanning bed?

A spray tan is easier, since I wouldn’t have to go as often, plus I worry about skin damage from tanning beds. But can you get a really good spray tan? I have heard a lot of distasterous tales.


my honest answer: By ‘disasterous tales’ do you mean marks on dresses and fake tan coming off in the rain? Yeah, that’s not really a disaster compared to cancer, now is it?

Get some perspective. And educate yourself on the dangers of tanning.

Oh. And how’s this for a rad idea: no tan at all, fake or otherwise? Just look like yourself on your wedding day.



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  1. I had a summer beach wedding and I let myself get a little glow (from the real sun) beforehand. I can see not wanting to look pasty white on your wedding day. Spray tanning and tanning booths scare me a little though.

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